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General terms and conditions of business

All services provided by Danso Personal Training GmbH are subject to these conditions in their entirety, unless they have been modified or supplemented by written agreement.

  1. Danso Personal Training GmbH provides services in the field of personal training and nutritional counseling. The services of Danso Personal Training GmbH are aimed at promoting health and improving overall performance. Generally, a service provided by Danso Personal Training GmbH lasts either 45 or 55 minutes.​

  2. The health questionnaire, which includes information about the client's current health status and goals, must be fully completed and is mandatory at the beginning. The client is obligated to answer the questions truthfully and inform Danso Personal Training GmbH if anything changes during the course of training. If there are any health risks, the client may be required to undergo a medical examination.

  3. All personal data collected is subject to data protection and will be treated as strictly confidential. As personal trainers, we are bound by confidentiality.

  4. For a subscription, the full amount is to be transferred or paid in cash 10 days after the start of the first training session. All other services (individual training, small group training, training consultation, nutrition consultation) are to be paid in cash or by card on the day of the service, unless otherwise agreed.

  5. The customer is aware that there is always a health risk associated with physical training, and it is their responsibility to obtain appropriate insurance. Danso Personal Training GmbH is not liable for any damages suffered by the customer in connection with the use of its services, and related claims cannot be made against Danso Personal Training GmbH.

  6. The Registration for personal training or other services is done orally or in writing directly with Danso Personal Training GmbH. The respective subscription contract is legally binding after mutual signing, respectively after signing the health questionnaire and starting the personal training or the respective service. The customer thereby declares acceptance of the present general terms and conditions.

  7. The customer has the right to cancel a booked personal training or other service free of charge up to 24 hours before the start. After that, a free cancellation is no longer possible, and regardless of whether the service is used or not, the full amount is to be paid to Danso Personal Training GmbH.

  8. There is no entitlement to compensation for the service in case of the customer's delay. Danso Personal Training GmbH reserves the right to cancel or reschedule appointments at short notice in urgent cases.

  9. If a subscription cannot be used due to illness or accident, it is possible, upon presentation of a medical certificate, to receive the service later within the regular term of the subscription or to transfer it to another person by agreement. No individual services or subscriptions will be refunded.

  10. In case of temporary limitations of the services or reductions in the range of services offered, there is no entitlement on the part of the customer to a price reduction or refund.

  11. If the services of Danso Personal Training GmbH are not used, the customer is not entitled to a price reduction or refund.

  12. Zurich is the exclusive place of jurisdiction. The contract is subject to Swiss law.

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